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What were you wearing in your dreams last night? 

Did you know that clothing and what we wear during our nighttime journeys is an
important key to understanding the whole message of the dream? 

The clothes we wear or don’t wear in our dreams represents our ideas of how we look to others, our outward appearance like our attitudes, emotions true or “put on”, and ideas.  The outfits can represent your style, fashion and your self-esteem.

For me, I often remember what I am wearing in my dreams, the colors, fabric, and fit, designer and maybe that is because I love fashion and clothing. After all I
have been in the fashion business for many years now, as my other career!  But I find it very helpful to understanding my dream message by starting with what I am wearing in the dream. Was I wearing something I normally wear? Was it colorful? Were my clothes dirty or clean? Were they beautiful and expensive? Or was I wearing something inappropriate or out of place, like pajamas at work?

Here are a few dream interpretations of fashion and what we wear or don’t wear in our nightime journeys:

Beautiful, Expensive, Designer Clothing: a beautiful attitude, love, luxury, kindness, graciousness. Also indicates your level of self-worth and pay attention to the designer or brand you are wearing because those brands carry their own energy and attitude. For example: If I am wearing a beautiful Chanel gown I know what the brand Chanel means to me so that is added personal dream interpretation.

Weird or Strange clothes: Like a clown suit at a business meeting. This would indicate that you feel ridiculous in this situation or you have a funny attitude about the situation.

Favorite Clothing: This is your familiar comfortable ideas and beliefs, known and suitable.

Clothes that don’t fit: An attitude that doesn’t fit with your overall life and beliefs presently. Or something that is not suitable for you.

          Too Big: Could indicate you need to “grow into” this attitude, lifestyle, if you happen to like the outfit. If you don’t like the outfit then the idea is not for you. Let it go.

          Too Small: This could mean that you have outgrown this attitude or lifestyle, or ideas. That you need to find “your size” that fits you just right.

I would love to hear what you are wearing in your dreams. Share with me your thoughts on your dream outfits.

I will go further on this subject in my next post.

Until then, I wish you many blessings and
chic Dreams.

Cheri Lee


A more in depth look at the meaning of baby and baby actions expanded from my Top 25 Common Dream Symbols.

Babies in dreams can have several different meanings but usually a baby represents: a new idea, new concept or new project that you have given birth to; A responsibility you have now accepted, a personal project or thing to do. It’s your ‘baby’. For example your baby could be a creative idea you have and plan to show the world such as draw, paint, put into music, or starting a business, new job or new project.  Something that is yours alone, that you have birthed. Be a proud parent and display your baby to the world!

A baby: Can represent aspects of you being or acting like a baby, immature, innocent, a new personality trait coming out or starting to be visible in you.

Feeding a baby: You are feeding and nourishing your project. Watching it grow and mature seeing progression. Could also be you encouraging or nourishing the child part of yourself which if it is a brat is not good!

Dead Baby: To dream of a dead baby or dying baby is not a pleasant dream but keep in mind this is not a real baby it is a representation of an important project, job, idea or creative endeavor that you have let die or dropped accidentally. This dream could be pointing out to you that whatever this baby represented it would be wise for you to take care and not let your ideas die or sacrifice your ideas or projects for the sake of someone or something else.  This is something many of us do to ourselves often (think of others before ourselves) could point out that you have allowed another person or situation to take away your hopes and ideas to the point of you letting it, the ‘baby’ die.

Bathing a Baby: Points to you making a fresh start, cleaning up messes and correcting mistakes you have made. Wash away the negative (dirty) stuff and starting new.

Dropping a Baby: Can be pointing out to you that you have dropped a valuable project or idea or hope. Take heed to this dream and consider what the baby represents. You may want to reconsider the action you are about to take in “dropping” it.

Killing a baby: This dream is asking you to look at what you are doing in waking life and is it really worth sacrificing your ‘baby’?  Is it worth the cost?

Losing a baby: Losing your important and precious ideas, or losing hope in relation to something valuable to you

A lot of babies: Could be pointing out too many responsibilities, options, goals, or even problems or opinions for you to deal with.

Twin Babies: Can represent two equally valuable projects or ideas or goals.

I hope that these meanings can help you in your dream interpretations. As always, I remind you to ask yourself first what a symbol means to you the dreamer before consulting a dream dictionary. A good thing about dream dictionaries is that they can lead you or prompt you to meaning if you are stuck on something. Sometimes by even not agreeing with a meaning you can define what it does mean to you!

Need help with interpreting your dream? http://whereheavenandearthmeet.com/dream-intrepretations/

Sweet Dreams.


Falling in your dream is basically  waking back up – the action of returning to consciousness.

The old tale that if you fall and hit the ground in your dream that you will die in your sleep IS NOT TRUE. If you hit the ground in the dream, you will bounce right back and the dream will continue… falling at this point would have the meaning of “falling from grace” or “fall on your face” = embarrassment. It is a play on words, falling in love, heading for a fall, falling down on the job, etc.

Drowning in dreams means you are in a situation that you feel you are in over your head, being in too deep, overwhelmed or emotionally overcome. If you dream you are drowning in muddy or murky water this indicates you are overwhelmed emotionally. There is always a possibility that it is an ESP warning.  It is important that you note the background of the dream and your emotions/feelings in the dream.

Flying in dreams indicates our ability to rise above a situation or emotion.  It can be an indication of astral travel or an indication of your desire to move up to higher levels of being.

If you would like help with interpreting your dreams click here: http://whereheavenandearthmeet.com/dream-interpretations/

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