Dream Intepretation | Where Heaven and Earth Meet - Part 3
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dream intepretation

Here are some tips and guidance/coaching to ream recalling, journaling and interpreting your dreams. Remember you are the best interpreter for your dreams because they are reflections of your thoughts, your beliefs, and your experiences. Out of all the brilliant people in the world you are the most brilliant scholar of yourself.  In my work here I only offer to guide you on your own journey based on my knowledge and experiences.

 When you first awake from a dream you may recall a lot or very little. There will always be something that gives you a clue to the dream whether it is a feeling, emotion, a song, a color, a symbol or a fragment of the dream. It could be anything, pay close attention to what is going on when you first wake up.  Record whatever comes to mind in your journal. You may even want to sketch it out.

The night before I go to sleep prepare a page in my journal for the next morning as follows:


Dream Title:

Feeling upon waking:

Outstanding symbol, object, color, song etc:




Outstanding words or numbers:

Main Action or Situation:

When I wake up I just start writing anything and everything that comes to mind. Sometimes I don’t even fill out that stuff above until I am finished writing the dream. Write it all down and try not to edit yourself or worry about spelling. This is first and foremost your personal journal for your eyes only not something someone else sees or a test to be graded! Secondly, if you write with abandon you can get everything out as opposed to omitting/forgetting things because you are busy checking your spelling and grammar.

 Next, go back and rewrite it more coherently and list outstanding items etc. Pay attention to any feelings or thoughts that pop into your mind relating to this dream. How does it remind you of yourself and what your waking present life? Write that down.

When you go to interpret this dream make sure you have plenty of time to do so otherwise just leave it for later that night or whenever you don’t feel rushed. It can be hard enough to wake up and write what you can before getting ready for work and all the other things we have to do in the mornings. Sometimes you can just be a weekend dream worker and work on a weeks worth of dreams on Saturday or Sunday or your days off. I often go back over my dreams later in the week.

Utilizing a dream dictionary book can be helpful in sparking an idea or a hint but try to rely on your own personal feeling and meaning to each part of your dream. Asking yourself  Who, What, When, Where, Why and How can be very helpful when discerning a meaning for a dream. If you get stuck, just walk away and leave it for awhile. Working with our dreams is meant to be fun and helpful not another job or chore to be dreaded.

After you have understanding or clarity to the meaning of the dream ask how this applies to your life and then make the changes or adjustments to enhance your life accordingly.

 Remember be open, receptive, relaxed and have fun. You are learning about one of if not THE most interesting and complex creatures on earth: YOU a spiritual being having a human experience.

Many Blessings and Sweet Dreams.



“Visions and dreams are given for the benefit of the individual, would they but interpret them correctly” 

–Edgar Cayce


Here are a few interesting  famous and creative dreamers and what their dreams brought them.  It just go to show  that working with your dreams can really pay off!


Paul McCartney dreamed of the tune for the Beatles song “Yesterday”

Mary Shelley had a nightmare that inspired her to write Frankenstein

Abe Lincoln had a dream of his own death

St.Patrick followed messages from two dreams he had into becoming a missionary

Fredrick G. Banting  dreamt of the cure for diabetes –  insulin for which he received the Nobel Prize

Stephen King the novelist was inspired by his dreams to write his stories “Misery” and “It”

Madam C.J. Walker first female self made American millionaire. She had developed a scalp condition that caused her to lose her hair. She then created a formula and healing conditioner that she says was revealed to her in a dream. Way to go Madam Walker!

Dreams during the Roman Era were thought to be messages from the Gods. Many dreams were submitted to the Senate for dream analysis and interpretation regarding many issues of the day. In addition, dream interpreters accompanied military leaders into battle and campaigns for their help in deciphering the messages from the Gods.

Two of the most famous dreams of course are from the Bible: Joseph who was Pharaoh’s adviser and dream interpreter interpreted the famous dream Pharaoh had on the seven fat cows followed by seven skinny cows. Another famous dream interpreter is Daniel from the Bible and is considered by many vital to the history of dream interpretation. In the book of Daniel, he (Daniel) is King Nebuchadnezzar’s adviser and the King would not tell his dreams to his advisers in order to prove they were true seers, he demanded that they divine as well as interpret his dreams. (No Pressure there!) Anyway, Daniel prayed to God to reveal the Kings dream and his wish was granted.


Is it not known to all people that the dream is the most usual way that God reveals himself to man?

                                                                                                                                                                                                   — Tertullian


Sweet and Prosperous Dreams.



 Why Interpret Your Dreams?

 For the past 20 plus years that I have been interpreting my dreams and dreams for others I have met some people who have no interest or desire to understand the value in interpreting their dreams.  In all my studying and gathering of information from many great scholars and dream analysts such as Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and Robert Moss etc. there are many things about dreams that are still unanswered such as: Where do our dreams come from?, Why do we dream?, Why don’t we dream in our verbal language?   I do not want to go into debate and discussion about those things which I still have not found valid answers to for my own belief. I want to stay on the subject of why I believe dreams need to be interpreted.

 There has yet to be scientific discovery in regards to meaning and feeling that proves or disproves theories on whether or not a dream has a message or that its intention is to have meaning to the dreamer.  We don’t know how images are made in our dreams or the stories the images tell us. Where are they from? Do they come from God, the soul, the mind, unconscious or a bunch of neurological firings? 

 What I do know and what I believe is that a dream once it has been “figured” out by the dreamer can enhance the dreamer’s knowledge of themselves or solve a problem, change a habit, and inspire.

 Here are a few comments I have received on dreams and dream interpretation:

 “I don’t dream or I don’t dream much”

There are some people who do not dream according to a few scientists and doctors. These people seem to skip through the REM or rapid eye movement stage which is the dreaming stage of the sleep cycle. Other doctors and scientists say they really can’t prove if everyone dreams or not. So, when someone responds with I don’t dream I am usually intrigued and also a bit sad for them because I think our ability to dream is really a wonderful thing.

 “Dreams don’t have any meaning to them”

Actually, they do. There is a plethora of research that shows how our dreams reflect our waking concerns, problems and help us cope with stress, solve problems and even inspire ideas in us. I usually recommend that if they would just try a few weeks of interpreting and understanding their dreams they will see the meaningfulness of at least one dream.

 “How do I figure out what it means when there are no words? Why can’t dreams just be like a letter instead of a bunch of pictures?

It would be nice if when we go to sleep a letter would appear saying Dear SuzyQ, Hi here is a message for you…..But that is not how it works. Dreams speak to us in our first language and that is one of images, symbols and things we see not necessarily a bunch of letters that arrange a word meaning to the image. There are basic meanings to common symbols but then there are other things that have different meanings to us by what they symbolize and our experience, culture, age, with said symbol or thing. Also, it has been said that dreams are more direct when we are in a state of emotional openness or dire situation.

 I say the reason’s to interpret your dreams are: to know your self better, solve problems, stop bad habits, help you cope with stress, and be inspired to write the next best seller, new invention, cure a disease, make more money and be happier. And lastly, because dreams are an amazing gift to us wherever or whomever they come from.

 Sweet Dreams, Big Dreams.



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