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Happy Summer Solstice 2012!

Did you know that this night is a wonderful night to have dreams of prophecy?  Indeed it is true! Here are two ideas that are easy and fun. And even if you don’t put anything under your pillow your dreams on this night will be more vivid and lucid than “normal” nights.

1.) Pick 9 flowers, clean them up and place them in a little bag to place under your pillow before sleeping. Then as you lie down to sleep, clear your mind, and repeat in your head “thank you” and open your mind and heart to love as you drift off to sleep.

2.) Place mistletoe under your pillow and clear your mind and heart as you drift off to sleep.


Happy Dreaming!



What were you wearing in your dreams last night? 

Did you know that clothing and what we wear during our nighttime journeys is an
important key to understanding the whole message of the dream? 

The clothes we wear or don’t wear in our dreams represents our ideas of how we look to others, our outward appearance like our attitudes, emotions true or “put on”, and ideas.  The outfits can represent your style, fashion and your self-esteem.

For me, I often remember what I am wearing in my dreams, the colors, fabric, and fit, designer and maybe that is because I love fashion and clothing. After all I
have been in the fashion business for many years now, as my other career!  But I find it very helpful to understanding my dream message by starting with what I am wearing in the dream. Was I wearing something I normally wear? Was it colorful? Were my clothes dirty or clean? Were they beautiful and expensive? Or was I wearing something inappropriate or out of place, like pajamas at work?

Here are a few dream interpretations of fashion and what we wear or don’t wear in our nightime journeys:

Beautiful, Expensive, Designer Clothing: a beautiful attitude, love, luxury, kindness, graciousness. Also indicates your level of self-worth and pay attention to the designer or brand you are wearing because those brands carry their own energy and attitude. For example: If I am wearing a beautiful Chanel gown I know what the brand Chanel means to me so that is added personal dream interpretation.

Weird or Strange clothes: Like a clown suit at a business meeting. This would indicate that you feel ridiculous in this situation or you have a funny attitude about the situation.

Favorite Clothing: This is your familiar comfortable ideas and beliefs, known and suitable.

Clothes that don’t fit: An attitude that doesn’t fit with your overall life and beliefs presently. Or something that is not suitable for you.

          Too Big: Could indicate you need to “grow into” this attitude, lifestyle, if you happen to like the outfit. If you don’t like the outfit then the idea is not for you. Let it go.

          Too Small: This could mean that you have outgrown this attitude or lifestyle, or ideas. That you need to find “your size” that fits you just right.

I would love to hear what you are wearing in your dreams. Share with me your thoughts on your dream outfits.

I will go further on this subject in my next post.

Until then, I wish you many blessings and
chic Dreams.

Cheri Lee


There is much discussion in the scientific world as to whether or not we dream in color or in black and white. I have read that some scientists believe that about 80% of our dreams are in color while others say it is biologically impossible to dream in black and white.  On a purely psychic level and not so “scientific” meaning of colors comes from clairvoyants.  A clairvoyant  is someone who can see peoples aura’s (energy surronding us) say that a subjects mood or feeling are a resultant color. i.e. “green with envy or jealousy” “seeing red” or “having the blues” etc. 

 Colors in dreams as in life also have different meanings with respect to our personal feelings, experiences and likes or dislikes of a particular color. For example in general the colors black , dark grey or browns are said to depress people who wear these colors or are surrounded by them. But for me personally being a fashionista those colors are fabulous and when I wear black I feel powerful, in-style and confident. When I wear brown I notice I am in a more down to earth mood. I have worked in the fashion industry for years and any woman in fashion knows the little black dress (thank you Coco Chanel) is a must for all of us! And far from depressing! But let me not get into fashion here - that is a whole other blog! I simply wanted to point out how colors have personal meaning too. The color meanings listed below are general meanings. As I always point out go with your gut or intuitive reaction to the color when interpreting it in your dream.

Black: dark and mysterious, death, mourning or hate if accompanied with feelings of fear. Can also be uncertainty. If you have positive emotions in your dream with the color black it can hint to unmanifested spiritual gifts or qualities

Blue: Truth, Wisdom, calmness, tranquility, devotion (true blue)

Brown: Practical, down to earth, earthy as in nature

Green: healthy, growth, goodness, peace, healing/healer, learning

Gray: depression, fear, illness and undefined or not clear, i.e. the gray area or it’s not black or white its gray meaning not this or that but something in the middle.

Purple: Royalty, healing abilities, spiritual oneness with God, spiritual powers, success, psychic abilities

Orange: Friendly, out going, social, energy, happy.

Pink: Love, affection, kindness, softness, lack of fear

Red: Pure, raw energy, action, power to love or hate or conquer, controlling, agressive

White: Purity, clean, fresh, perfection, holiness

Yellow: Intelligence, happy, new beginnings

Pastel colors are hues of the primary colors and indicate an immaturity or weakness in the area of the particular color.

May you have wonderful colorful dreams tonight.

Sweet Dreams.




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