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It seems these days, especially, many a night has been spent up and down, tossing and turning and staring at the ceiling hoping for sleep to come. When we carry monsters of worry, stress, hostile people and fear to sleep with us our dream time can be a battle or a nightmare. It is so important for us humans to get our rest, sleep to rejuvenate our bodies, mind and soul from the day of stress.
I am a proponent of healthy natural ways of getting to sleep, no drugs or alcohol. Start out by making sure your bedroom and bed are comfortable, serene and secure. Your bedroom is your retreat, your personal space to withdraw and rest from the battles of the day. Try having a ritual or routine that helps you unwind as you get ready for bed. For example, I turn my bed down, turn the bedside lamp on then go and wash my face, brush my teeth, put on my nightshirt. By doing this routine each night tells my mind it is time to relax and let go of all the things and stuff of the day, it is time for me. I also don’t believe in having a television in my bedroom. I know, many people do but this to me is not restful. My bedroom is my sanctuary and a place for sleep, dreaming and intimacy and privacy. I have dear friends and family members who fall asleep with the television on and that background noise just seeps into our subconscious and into our dreams.

 Below I have listed a few ideas to establish or enhance your bedtime routine and help you get to sleep and peaceful dream land.

*  Have a nice cup of tea (chamomile is a nice choice.) I love “Sweet Dreams” by Bigelow Teas

 * Take a few deep breaths and feel the day’s stresses go out with each exhale 

 * Visualize your next day exactly how you want it to go as if it has already happened then ask God or your angels to bless it and bring you messages in your dreams. 

 * Read something inspirational,  listen to relaxing music or if you must watch t.v. a funny or romantic feel good show is best. Leave the news programs, crime and horror flicks off. 

 * A nice fragrance of lavender or a personal favorite of mine White Angelica on your person, pillow or sachet under your pillow 


* Be grateful, list  in your mind or write in your journal at least 10 things you were grateful for that day. It can be grand or/and simple. The more gratitude we show the more life gives to us to be grateful for.

 * Pray as though what you are asking for is already done.

 * Meditate

 * Write in your journal. It really helps to purge all that stuff in our heads and then it is not as likely to keep us up once it is out on paper. 

Last but not least these two things have worked for me when all else has not: I kiss my pillow and tell it I want to go to sleep now. I know it sounds silly but it really does work. The other idea is that I simply say to my angels, “I am really ready for sleep can you help me to sleep now? Thank you.” And before I realize it I am sleeping peacefully and in dreamland. 

 Sweet Dreams!


Here are some tips and guidance/coaching to ream recalling, journaling and interpreting your dreams. Remember you are the best interpreter for your dreams because they are reflections of your thoughts, your beliefs, and your experiences. Out of all the brilliant people in the world you are the most brilliant scholar of yourself.  In my work here I only offer to guide you on your own journey based on my knowledge and experiences.

 When you first awake from a dream you may recall a lot or very little. There will always be something that gives you a clue to the dream whether it is a feeling, emotion, a song, a color, a symbol or a fragment of the dream. It could be anything, pay close attention to what is going on when you first wake up.  Record whatever comes to mind in your journal. You may even want to sketch it out.

The night before I go to sleep prepare a page in my journal for the next morning as follows:


Dream Title:

Feeling upon waking:

Outstanding symbol, object, color, song etc:




Outstanding words or numbers:

Main Action or Situation:

When I wake up I just start writing anything and everything that comes to mind. Sometimes I don’t even fill out that stuff above until I am finished writing the dream. Write it all down and try not to edit yourself or worry about spelling. This is first and foremost your personal journal for your eyes only not something someone else sees or a test to be graded! Secondly, if you write with abandon you can get everything out as opposed to omitting/forgetting things because you are busy checking your spelling and grammar.

 Next, go back and rewrite it more coherently and list outstanding items etc. Pay attention to any feelings or thoughts that pop into your mind relating to this dream. How does it remind you of yourself and what your waking present life? Write that down.

When you go to interpret this dream make sure you have plenty of time to do so otherwise just leave it for later that night or whenever you don’t feel rushed. It can be hard enough to wake up and write what you can before getting ready for work and all the other things we have to do in the mornings. Sometimes you can just be a weekend dream worker and work on a weeks worth of dreams on Saturday or Sunday or your days off. I often go back over my dreams later in the week.

Utilizing a dream dictionary book can be helpful in sparking an idea or a hint but try to rely on your own personal feeling and meaning to each part of your dream. Asking yourself  Who, What, When, Where, Why and How can be very helpful when discerning a meaning for a dream. If you get stuck, just walk away and leave it for awhile. Working with our dreams is meant to be fun and helpful not another job or chore to be dreaded.

After you have understanding or clarity to the meaning of the dream ask how this applies to your life and then make the changes or adjustments to enhance your life accordingly.

 Remember be open, receptive, relaxed and have fun. You are learning about one of if not THE most interesting and complex creatures on earth: YOU a spiritual being having a human experience.

Many Blessings and Sweet Dreams.



 When you are first beginning to work with your dreams it is a good idea to purchase a journal or a plain notebook or even create your own to keep at your bedside for quick writing upon awaking. Make sure it is at least 8 ½” by 12” and has many pages for writing notes, sketching and for working on the interpretation part. Remember to have a good reliable pen and or pencil. There is nothing like ruining your mood and recall when you have a pen that runs out of ink or doesn’t write when you are trying to write as fast as you can before you forget your dream!

Below are some additional ways to keep a journal and tips to help you sleep and increase dream recall.

Tape Recorder: A handheld recording device is a good alternative to your notebook or journal for recording your dreams upon waking.

Journal everyday: What you focus on grows. This is true for dreaming too and you will discover that even by writing a little at first will increase your dreams and dream recall as you continue.

Share Your Dream: Each morning if you can share your dream with your partner, friend by doing so and saying it out loud and retelling it keeps it firmer in your mind. I think it creates an atmosphere of connecting with another when you share your dreams. Be sure to listen to what others ideas are about the dream but don’t take their interpretation to heart before figuring it out on your own.

Create Art: One of the ways to keep your dreams going or alive is to take a scene or color or feeling from a dream and translate that into a work of art for yourself and others to enjoy.

Alcohol and Drugs: Both impair dreaming and receiving right action and truthful answers from your subconscious mind. If you have trouble sleeping try a soothing herbal tea or homeopathic sleep aids. Try to refrain from alcohol at least a few hours before going to bed. Also I will add here to keep your meals towards the earlier part of the evening. A heavy meal can really keep you from sleeping well and can be the cause of some crazy dreams!

Exercise daily: Any form of moving around and getting you worn out looking forward to your nice soft bed and pillow. It can be a brisk walk, running errands, dancing, cleaning your house or a real workout with weights.

Aromatherapy: Essential oils diffused or a drop on your pillow can enhance your dream mood. Lavender, Sage, Chamomile are pleasant and also burning incense.

Meditation practice, prayer and affirmations all help relax and focus the mind before sleeping to increase benefits received in and from dreaming.

Appreciation and Gratitude: Every night prior to sleep take time to write down 15 things you are grateful for this day. It can be anything from the sunrise, your pet, a smile or something huge. The point is to get your mind and you into a positive frame for a restful sleep and sweet dreams.

Remember dreams are a reflection of us and who we are so it is most beneficial in all ways mental, spiritual, physical and emotional to have a solid, positive belief system. Nightmares, outlandish dreams, being chased, frustration themes etc are all reflections of our daily grind and subconscious beliefs that affect who we are. Let go of old worn out beliefs and limitations and embrace a positive outlook on yourself and life. We are meant to live life abundantly and enjoy it. Make a choice to move into a positive, happy and abundant life that is full of joy, prosperity and love.

May All Your Sweet Dreams Come True.


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