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Mercury in retrograde from February 23 thru March 17.  During this time we can experience energy slowing down, miscommunication, electronics acting kooky and delays in travel among other things.

Mercury (Roman) or Hermes (Greek) messenger of the Gods. He has a winged hat and winged shoes which indicate or symbolize quick travel. He influences: Intelligence, Education and Truth.  Travel, literature, poetry, merchants and thieves. And he can be quite a trickster and bad boy at the drop of a hat.

Did you know too that in 1782 he was the U.S. Postal Service’s first symbol and of course today we see him as a symbol for flower delivery?

Astrologically Mercury in retrograde indicates it is time to reflect, redo, revaluate. He can affect each of us differently too based on our astrological signs.

The good things about Mercury in retrograde and this is where our focus should be in order to get through smoothly during this time:

Old friends you haven’t seen in a long time resurface as you either run into them or they call you out of the blue. Interestingly, many of those who are adopted and searching for their birth parents find them during Mercury in retrograde – same for those who searching for lost siblings. Lost mail reappears and salespeople can benefit by going back over their previous sales and reconnecting with those clients for new sales rather than forging new clients. Also, those who are in therapy often have big breakthroughs during Mercury retrograde.

On that note, here are some ideas to help be calm and in the flow of life during Mercury Retrograde:

1.) Be open and flexible to life and be detached from things. Mercury is an intellectual planet and not emotional so if your friend or sweetie flies off the handle and says something mean take a moment and breathe. Don’t react too harshly – at first. Simply reevaluate what is going on and where this is coming from

2.) Slow down and make time for you and yourSelf – be creative, relax; write, journal, draw, garden, dance!

3.) Allow, Allow, Allow do not resist anything.

4.) Meditate, sit quietly alone in the silence and breathe.

5.) This is a good time to brainstorm, visualize, plan – or go over past plans and dreams and see where you can readjust to make them happen.

6.) Be Attentive while traveling, walking, driving to your surroundings and safety

7.) BE VERY CLEAR to those around you to be sure there is clear understanding between you and others when communicating. This goes for conversations, orders, emails, phone calls etc.  Be sure others understand what you are saying and you understand what they are saying.

8.) Finish up projects you have had to put on the back burner so to speak

9.) Reflect on your life and where you are and listen to your heart and soul not your mind for direction or new direction

10.) This is a fun time to get of your mind and delve into non-rational experiences such as; going to a psychic fair, get a reading from a medium or psychic.

And lastly, I use this affirmation to keep me safe and all good at all times:  I intend that I am guided, guarded, protected and in line with my highest good at all times. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Many Blessings,

Cheri Lee




I think one of the greatest services we can do for others
is to do for ourselves and be an inspiration to our fellow humans by creating
and living our own dreams.  I confess that often when I want to do something new or a big change, I research and research how someone else did it. Then, after reading about 10 different other
people who did the thing that I want to do;  I think to myself “Oh I can’t do that I am not
qualified or educated in that field or experienced. Who am I to do “that” thing that I want to do?” And what happens next? I have talked myself right out of my brilliant idea that I want to do because of looking at “everyone” else on how to do it or express it.

At this point, I have come to know that two things are going on

1.) FEAR of change, going out of my comfort zone etc

2.) I am leaning on others experiences to do something that was put on my heart to do.

I am leaning on others by reading about them, checking out their websites, books, their “about me” page etc.  Then I compare me and my experience, education, etc. and then sometimes I call a few people and ask them about this and that and how I should proceed. After all that I decide” oh I can’t do that. I am not good enough. Why did I even think that?”  And I have defeated my own dream by leaning on others and not my own inner I AM, God and Universal Knowledge and inspiration.  How many times have you
done this?

This morning I was meditating on this particular big idea and how to go about it and I opened one of my favorite books, “Creative Mind and Success” by Earnest Holmes. I opened to this page: Don’t Be A Leaner.
Hmm, I am not a leaner I said to myself. I mean I make my own way blah
blah and all that I manage, coach and run a successful business.  Then it hit me, yeah, I am a leaner at times.  In summary it says that we are enough, we have our own God given genius within our souls. Our job is to unearth this genius from within and we can never do that by looking to others for guidance. The Divine spark must be fanned into a blaze of the living Fire of your own divinity.

To thine own self be true. Self-Reliance is the key to dwell upon. Listening to your own voice as it speaks to us in ways that are completely understood by us.  And to trust in yourself more than you trust in anyone else. Stop looking for others when you already know the answer, to your own question, dream, and desire.  I think a lot of times we are just afraid of the answer. That it might be too hard to do so we look to see if there is an easier, faster, less painless way to our dream or desire!  I know I can get caught in that
illusion.  I have also discovered and learned through experiences good and bad that it is better to face the fear and do it. Because when I am afraid to do something, I should do it. That is
usually my ego wanting to stay comfy and in the safe known area.

Every one of us has within our own soul’s direct communication with the Divine energy, Infinite Understanding. When we lean on other people we are trying to light our path with their light.

In the end of the short chapter it goes on stressing our own strength and oneness with Infinite Mind. It specifically advises: When you have a real thing to do, keep it to yourself.  Don’t talk about it to anyone. Just know in your own mind what it is you want and keep still about it.  Often, when we have a big idea we go out and blab to everyone about it and next thing you know it has lost all its power.  Because people respond by being confused, questioning or even laughing about it and it becomes confused and
then it is manifested as confused.

When you have an idea, keep it to yourself, be focused, get the mental picture of it,  make it
perfect in mind, enlarge your thought and pass it over to the creative power that is behind all things, wait and listen and when an impression comes to you, trust it no matter how crazy and follow it with assurance.  Never talk about it to anyone. Never talk negative or pay any attention to negativity and you will succeed where others fail.

Blessings all around you.

Cheri Lee




When we are sleeping nothing else is … your body and all its organs are all functioning, including your mind. Luckily we don’t have to tell ourselves to breathe and our heart to beat while we are sleeping!

Our subconscious mind never rests or sleep, it keeps on going to keep us going, it controls our vital forces. Sleep helps us heal faster when we are sick or injured. Clearing your mind and forgiving yourself and everyone else before sleeping helps healing take place more rapidly. Lack of the appropriate amount of sleep can cause us to be irritated, depressed and can cause mental disorders. 

For me, I think dreaming is the best part of sleeping because many years ago I started interpreting my own dreams. My dreams have given me messages of hope, wonderful ideas, confirmations to questions I have had, solved problems for me that I couldn’t solve while awake “thinking and thinking about them! my dreams have also warned me of danger and inspired me to do good things.  Interpreting my dreams has increased my self awareness and intuition and it fun and interesting to help others see how their dreams can do the same for them.

Here is one of the ways I use my dreams to help me. 

Prayer and Sleep Bring Counsel: 

Take a situation where you need help with making a decision and before sleeping say a prayer or affirmation over and over in your mind while falling asleep. You will awaken with an answer – it may be from a dream or it may come from an intuitive knowing/gut feeling you have upon waking. Here is an example:

A woman living in Dallas has a job offer in New York City at twice her salary she is making now in Dallas. After considering everything and doing the pro and con list etc. she was still wondering if she should take the move. So that evening before going to bed she said an affirmation/prayer regarding this matter. The next morning she awoke and had a persistent feeling to not accept the position. She phoned the company and following her gut feeling/intuition, she declined the offer. In the end, about 2 months later her inner knowing (not a good idea to move and take the position) was verified as she learned that the company went bankrupt.

Try it for yourself and discover the counsel your sleep brings you. As you are about to go to sleep, claim that the infinite intelligence of your subconscious mind is guiding and directing you. Then expect an answer perhaps in a dream or on awakening.

 Sweet Dreams.

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