Inspiration | Where Heaven and Earth Meet - Part 6
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It seems these days, especially, many a night has been spent up and down, tossing and turning and staring at the ceiling hoping for sleep to come. When we carry monsters of worry, stress, hostile people and fear to sleep with us our dream time can be a battle or a nightmare. It is so important for us humans to get our rest, sleep to rejuvenate our bodies, mind and soul from the day of stress.
I am a proponent of healthy natural ways of getting to sleep, no drugs or alcohol. Start out by making sure your bedroom and bed are comfortable, serene and secure. Your bedroom is your retreat, your personal space to withdraw and rest from the battles of the day. Try having a ritual or routine that helps you unwind as you get ready for bed. For example, I turn my bed down, turn the bedside lamp on then go and wash my face, brush my teeth, put on my nightshirt. By doing this routine each night tells my mind it is time to relax and let go of all the things and stuff of the day, it is time for me. I also don’t believe in having a television in my bedroom. I know, many people do but this to me is not restful. My bedroom is my sanctuary and a place for sleep, dreaming and intimacy and privacy. I have dear friends and family members who fall asleep with the television on and that background noise just seeps into our subconscious and into our dreams.

 Below I have listed a few ideas to establish or enhance your bedtime routine and help you get to sleep and peaceful dream land.

*  Have a nice cup of tea (chamomile is a nice choice.) I love “Sweet Dreams” by Bigelow Teas

 * Take a few deep breaths and feel the day’s stresses go out with each exhale 

 * Visualize your next day exactly how you want it to go as if it has already happened then ask God or your angels to bless it and bring you messages in your dreams. 

 * Read something inspirational,  listen to relaxing music or if you must watch t.v. a funny or romantic feel good show is best. Leave the news programs, crime and horror flicks off. 

 * A nice fragrance of lavender or a personal favorite of mine White Angelica on your person, pillow or sachet under your pillow 


* Be grateful, list  in your mind or write in your journal at least 10 things you were grateful for that day. It can be grand or/and simple. The more gratitude we show the more life gives to us to be grateful for.

 * Pray as though what you are asking for is already done.

 * Meditate

 * Write in your journal. It really helps to purge all that stuff in our heads and then it is not as likely to keep us up once it is out on paper. 

Last but not least these two things have worked for me when all else has not: I kiss my pillow and tell it I want to go to sleep now. I know it sounds silly but it really does work. The other idea is that I simply say to my angels, “I am really ready for sleep can you help me to sleep now? Thank you.” And before I realize it I am sleeping peacefully and in dreamland. 

 Sweet Dreams!



“Visions and dreams are given for the benefit of the individual, would they but interpret them correctly” 

–Edgar Cayce


Here are a few interesting  famous and creative dreamers and what their dreams brought them.  It just go to show  that working with your dreams can really pay off!


Paul McCartney dreamed of the tune for the Beatles song “Yesterday”

Mary Shelley had a nightmare that inspired her to write Frankenstein

Abe Lincoln had a dream of his own death

St.Patrick followed messages from two dreams he had into becoming a missionary

Fredrick G. Banting  dreamt of the cure for diabetes –  insulin for which he received the Nobel Prize

Stephen King the novelist was inspired by his dreams to write his stories “Misery” and “It”

Madam C.J. Walker first female self made American millionaire. She had developed a scalp condition that caused her to lose her hair. She then created a formula and healing conditioner that she says was revealed to her in a dream. Way to go Madam Walker!

Dreams during the Roman Era were thought to be messages from the Gods. Many dreams were submitted to the Senate for dream analysis and interpretation regarding many issues of the day. In addition, dream interpreters accompanied military leaders into battle and campaigns for their help in deciphering the messages from the Gods.

Two of the most famous dreams of course are from the Bible: Joseph who was Pharaoh’s adviser and dream interpreter interpreted the famous dream Pharaoh had on the seven fat cows followed by seven skinny cows. Another famous dream interpreter is Daniel from the Bible and is considered by many vital to the history of dream interpretation. In the book of Daniel, he (Daniel) is King Nebuchadnezzar’s adviser and the King would not tell his dreams to his advisers in order to prove they were true seers, he demanded that they divine as well as interpret his dreams. (No Pressure there!) Anyway, Daniel prayed to God to reveal the Kings dream and his wish was granted.


Is it not known to all people that the dream is the most usual way that God reveals himself to man?

                                                                                                                                                                                                   — Tertullian


Sweet and Prosperous Dreams.



lantern girlThe end is near! At the strike of twelve midnight on the clock and the ball drops in Times Square 2009 will be gone for good.

For me 2009 was not the best of years for me nor was it the worst. I was layed off from my job, my money became very tight, a very dear friend passed away. And it seemed that no matter which way I turned I kept running into brick walls of some sort or another. But, I also like to acknowledge the good – renewed friendships, summer vacation, Christmas vacation, my family and friends are all here and healthy, I still own my house and miracle of miracles it still has some equity in it. I still have a 401k that wasn’t completely obliterated! And so much more. 2010 is the year I feel that many of my personal struggles are behind me and to ensure a good year I will partake in some old traditions and some new to say good-bye 2009 and hello 2010.

In the past, I have been let down more than be excited by the romance and promise of New Years Day. It seemed no matter how I have spent the last day of the year whether partying, romancing, or a quiet night at home and yes there have been more than I can count that have been alone that New Years Day was such a let down. When I awoke on the New Year morning, the goals and dreams I made the night before didn’t magically appear on January 1. Not like Christmas where you wake up and “Santa” had been there and there were pretty packages containing wonderful gifts. No New Years Day fairy godmother waiting to grant me my wishes. It was the same old me that went to bed the night and year before. It was just a let down. I woke to still the same extra 10lbs I wanted to lose, sometimes woke with a raging hangover (depending on what new years eve it was) the same bills, alone no prince charming making me breakfast or worse the same guy I thought would turn into prince charming and no magical millions of dollars appeared in my bank account. sigh. I know very, very childish. Especially for me who believes in the mindset of life is how you see it and it’s up to you, happiness is a choice. Sometimes that mindset causes me much anxiety because as much as I believe it, I fear it. Because I think that I am choosing to be happy etc. but it is darn difficult when life keeps throwing boulders on your nice bed of roses.

Years ago, while I was grieving the loss of my boyfriend for the 3rd year of his passing, another good friend of mine invited me to go out with our group of friends to a big New Years Eve party at a club. At first, I did protest with all my might, I mean who was I to go and be happy and have fun and GASP maybe meet someone new and kiss someone and toast champagne after I had lost the love of my life 3 years before? I was deeply entrenched in my grieving and not dealing well with it at all with it. That’s another story. But my good friend, Lety insisted. She told me, that back in her country (Mexico) her family and friends believe that whatever you are doing at midnight on New Years Eve is the preclude to what your coming year will be like. I thought about this seemingly silly tradition of hers and then thought of my past New Years Eve sitting alone, doing nothing with no one and yes, the following new years had been pretty much the same. This tradition of my friends is what convinced me to go out. I wanted to find out if this was true and would being with a group of my crazy friends, drinking champagne at a party and kissing some, any cute guy in proximity of me at the strike of 12 would make my coming new year better. That New Years Eve was really fun. We laughed, danced, drank champagne, celebrated a birthday too that night. And at midnight, out of the blue and very cute and much younger than me guy grabbed me and gave me a great big kiss. Nice. It was a fun night and much better than sitting at home alone, being blue. I am not sure if that night really affected my new year but I am glad I went out. Because there hasn’t since been another New Years Eve like that one. Just for the record, I don’t knock staying at home on New years eve. For several years now, I have chosen to stay home on New years eve with friends or family and sometimes alone.

But no more sad, pitiful ones. Now, I am excited again about a fresh new year coming and all the good things that can happen. I know that nothing is going to magically change overnight but I do make goals. Some are realistic, some are dreamy and some are an effort to make my life more enjoyable and me a better person. And still deep down inside, I leave a room for the magic to surprise me…somewhere within the new year.

New and Old New Years Eve and Day Traditions:

1.) Black eyed peas – represent prosperity, money

2.) Cornbread – represents gold

3.) cabbage, or greens of some kind – represent cash

4.) 12 grapes at midnight one for each of the months of the year – said to bring good luck

5.) Burn last years calendar (if you have a fireplace) and say “ burn, burn calendar burn, last years worries never return”.

6.) Just before midnight open all the doors and windows for a few minutes to let out the past years negative vibrations

7.) Light and burn a Bayberry candle and let it burn til the end so you might want to get a short candle or taper. Say this poem: A Bayberry candle when burned to the socket bring luck to my home and money in my pocket.

8.) Take a two sheets of paper and on one sheet write at the top Let Go Of: and then list any habits, worries and or problems that you are ready to let go of. On the other sheet of paper at the top of the page write, Bring To Me: then list your desire(s) wishes and hopes. When you are finished take them to the fireplace and burn them. One by one. Burn the page titled Let Go first because you have to let go of the old to make room for the new. When you do this visualize the problems and worries burning, burning and never returning. Then burn the Bring To Me page and visualize the smoke carrying your hopes and wishes out to the universe and God and coming back to you made manifest.

9.) Make sure you clean your house the day before… no cleaning or sweeping on New years day. They say that sweeps out the good luck.

10.) New Years Day make sure your cupboards are full and your pockets to ensure prosperity and good eating all year.

Many Blessings for you all in 2010!


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