Dream Intepretation | Where Heaven and Earth Meet - Part 8
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dream intepretation

As mentioned in my previous article on dreams meaning of hair, money and nightmares, I am offering further descriptions of dream symbols from my list of Top 25 Dream Symbols.

Today, animals are the dream meaning topic. As in dictionaries for a particular language, there are some words that can be used for various meanings. There are also basic words and symbols in all languages that are understood collectively as to their meaning. The same goes for dream language. There are basic symbols which are understood by all of our minds as to their meaning.

Animals in general represent habits, urges, instincts and aspects we attribute to them which are found in ourselves. Personality/characteristic of the dreamer. In many societies animals are revered and respected for their qualities; speed, beauty, strength, courage, vision and so forth. Unfortunately, some “civilized” societies take animals for granted and look at them as lower creatures to be exploited. God gave us dominion over animals to take care of them not to abuse and exploit them for our own use. However, you feel about animals and particular types of animals you may dream of will depend on your view/feeling within yourself as to what habit, urge, instinct or characteristic you associate with that member of the animal kingdom.

Animals in dreams can symbolize good or bad strong emotions, survival instincts, attitudes, behaviour,untamed desires and sub-conscious urges. They too can mean playfullness, intuition, natural urges. And since each animal is known for particular traits then that trait is usually what it symbolizes within ourselves or phase of life or how we are portraying ourselves to the outside world – maybe a little of both when we dream of particular animals.

Domesticated animals such as dogs and cats represent partially trained aspects of ourselves. In some cases if they belong to another person it could represent some clue to that person it belongs to. For example, if you dream your friends cat hisses at you, this could mean your friend had a hissy fit recently with you!

Remember, when interpreting your dreams the meanings I give are general guide lines and how you feel and your experiences are what really matter when understanding what a dream symbol means in your dream. Also, take into consideration your culture, history and spiritual beliefs as to what animals or any other symbols mean to you.  For me, personally,  a wolf means independence, fierce, leadership, family commitment, resourcefullness, beauty but most people think of wolves as sneaky, deceptive, vicious, scary – big bad wolf or wolf in sheeps clothing. Most dream dictionaries have a wolf as a negative conotation.

Dreams Meaning: Animals

Dog(s) can represent faithfullness, friendship, loyalty, protection, disciplined behaviour and love IF you like dogs or have a dog.  However, if you don’t like dogs and your experience with dogs has been negative then your dream of a dog could mean pain, loss or fear. Again, look at the type of dog and its actions and your actions in the dream to understand the message.

Your Dog: Partially trained aspects of yourself that you are aware of and are trying to train or control. How do you feel about your dog and what characteristics do you feel about him/her?  List these in your dream journal for reference.  For me personally, I love dogs and love my dog.  The first things I think of when I think of him are: true love, loyalty, commitment and faithfullness. I often dream of him running away, or I have lost him and can’t find him and I am so broken hearted. This I know refers to my feelings and painful experience of losing someone I really loved. It points to my fear of loss of love and not finding love.

Cats: Intuitive, sneaky, playful, detached, aloof, curious, sensous, stubborn, independent. Or can be catty, scaredy cat. Remember ask yourself first what cats mean to you.

Horse: Strong physical force, energies, freedom, will power. How you control the “horse” is how in control within you or your situation.

Fish: Fish symbolizes religious or spiritual meaning for Christians – Christ,  spiritual food or thought. Can also mean something is fishy, slippery, hard to catch which then could indicate caution for the dreamer.

Bear: Powerful, destructive, scary, bad tempered or playful and protective. Over’bearing’, pushy and uses power to scare others into doing their bidding.

Cow: Good provider, cash cow, peaceful, obedient tends to go along with the herd (the group).

Lion: King of the Jungle! royal qualities, power, courage, dominion. If you are taming a lion it means you are in control of your lower instincts within yourself.

Mouse: Meek, fearful, mousey-lack of assertiveness. Could symbolize small irritations or problems.

Rat: Poverty, sneaky, underhanded, filth and disease. Could also mean tattle tale, squealer. Reference to ‘ratting’ someone out. Or “you dirty rat” meaning betrayl, bad dealings, liar.

Snake: Sex, sexual energies, temptation or fears. Or can be a pun snake in the grass for sneakiness.

Serpent: Mind power, clarivoyance, wisdome, creative force, spiritual awareness or kundalini when the emotions in the dream are positive. Could also mean sex, sexual desire, lies, temptation, evil and deception.

There are many, many animals to dream of  but I hope these few animal dream symbols I have listed are of  help to you interpreting your own dreams. Remember, it is YOUR dream and I can help and guide you to understanding the message with dream symbol guides but you must look at the dream as one big picture – the background, people, emotions, animals, etc and put it all together.  I invite you to explore your dreams and utilize dreams as therapy to further your personal growth.

Have blessed and dreamy day!


Did you know that people who are natural problem solvers hardly ever experience nightmares? That is because they figure out and solve their problems in their waking life and before sleeping. Problems are what nightmares are basically about. Modern research says that there is a link connecting our problems (mentally, physically or emotionally) to our having nightmares and whether we are physically in good health or not. Also, people who’s personality are more open, sensitive and vulnerable by nature tend to have more nightmares.

A nightmare is a subconscious manifestation of a problem or fear we don’t want to face or we prefer to run away from and hope it will dissappear. But we all know what we resist persists and so eventually those problems we don’t deal with show up as nightmares. And those nightmares will become recurring if we don’t deal with the problems or fears at once.

Remember your problem is your teacher. We all tend to not want to deal with things that are painful, scary, ugly or distasteful or upsetting to us. But if we could realize that within our problems are our lessons in life and look at them that way maybe we will be more apt to deal with them. We are all here on earth to become better people, wiser, more loving to ourselves and each other and grow to overcome. And our problems are like the battle field we must pass through in order to proceed to the promised land.

Nightmares always have a dark background and there is always scary shadows, figures or threatening animals, monsters or demons. Of course, these figures evoke terror and we try to run and escape them in some way only we never seem to get away. The nightmare is saying what we are trying to do in waking life… runaway from our problems and the nightmare is telling us THERE IS NO RUNNING AWAY! NOWHERE TO HIDE! If we deal with the outside or waking life problems than there will be no nightmares. In addition, in our dreams we need to begin to stop running and start to confront our monsters and demons within the nightmare. Ask it questions of “Who are you?” “What do you want?” and most important state “I will not let you control me or hurt me.” Often this questioning will turn the monster into a mouse. Psychologists say that if we can deal with the problem in the dream than we can handle the issue and resolve it in our daily life. Then there is no need for your subconscious to conjure up the nightmare and wouldn’t that be great to never have another nighmare again?!

Below is a list of some common nightmare themes and there possible meanings. Remember, these are just guidelines and not definite meanings as we all dream our own symbols in our personal dream language.

Fear in general: background of school or place of work can mean fear of failure, or fear to confront a teacher or boss about a problem. Could also be fear of your mate if you are married or in-laws who tell you what you can and cannot do. Basically, anyone who tries to control you and take away your freedom and right to freely be you and express yourself can be looked at for figuring out who the monster or demon or scary person is in your nightmare.

Shadows: These can be unformed or hypothetical situations or problems that are not real at all. Something you are afraid of that probably will never happen but yet you are letting the mental creation of the problem form and bother you.

Running Away or being chased: the obvious of you trying to runaway from your problem. The best thing to do is stop running in the dream turn and confront the pursuer (monster, whatever) and face your enemy and demand who and what it is and what does it want. Try and resolve it in the dream and make peace with it. This will pave the way to resovlving the problem when you wake up.

Being Trapped: Are you feeling trapped at work, in your job, your marriage or relationship or some situation? This could indicate you need some space, some time alone or more privacy for yourself. Remember it is important to honor and nurture ourselves in order to give to others. An empty vessel cannot pour anything out.

I hope this helps you in handling and getting rid of your nightmares. To further explore your dreams and their meanings and messages I invite you to contact me. Click the top right of the page for dream interpretation.

Sweet Dreams!


Money makes the world go around, the world go around that clinking clanking sound, money, money, money.. I love that song from the old movie Cabaret with Liza Minelli..  Anyway, I love dreaming of money and of course receiving money!  Below is continuation of  my top 25 Dream Symbol meanings one by one more indepth and money dreams are it today.

Money symbolizes exchange value and worth or riches and wealth. Money can mean rewards (material) for your work (mind or body) an exchange of energies or possibly mean a karmic gain/debt. Things of value would be a new talent you weren’t aware you had, a new quality or gift within you.It could also represent a new vision or new understanding of something. Look at how you are receiving money/valuables to interpret how you feel about yourself.

Change: Did you dream of receiving or finding change this could be a pun on the word change and indicate small changes coming to you or that you are going through now. Or could mean small change not enough to count = not worth the effort.

Coins: Generally mean blessings or opportunities we don’t count or recogonize

Old Coins (rare): could mean an old debt being repaid to you or abundance coming to you beyond your expectations.

Silver Coins: Silver is always represents spiritual gifts and silver coins equal spiritual wealth

Gold Coins: Material/physical wealth indicated

Found Money: Suddenly  found or discovered  or realized talents, opportunities or blessings!

Bills: Big ones (50,100,) means prosperity. Small ones means poverty, inadequate amount. Paper money can alos refer to opportunities.

Remember,  when interpreting your dreams take into account the entire dream around the symbol that stands out. The feeling experienced in the dream and upon waking. Look at the background, people, what are your actions. In order to discover the entire message of the dream it takes looking at all aspects.

Have a blessed and prosperous day!


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