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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending some love out to all of you today!  Below are some common themes and symbols of love in our dreams!

Love itself is a feeling of great fondness, strong affection, something or someone cherished. Love has so many degrees of feelings, from generic, impersonal to passionate, deep desire and intimacy. There is platonic love, familial love, romantic love, religious love, on up to deep passionate desirable heart, soul and body on fire love! And just being in love with life and not a particular person, place or thing but all encompassing love can bring more love to you and that is always a good thing! As the song goes “Love Makes The World Go Round!”


Here are a few LOVE dream symbols and themes their possible meanings:



Flowers: In our dreams flowers symbolize beauty, kind thoughts, loving thoughts, joy, compassion, grace, healing and abundance. They can also be “time tellers” as certain flowers are associated with particular times of the year.

 To be given or receive a floral bouquet in your dream symbolizes love, affection, appreciation and admiration. In a dream, when you receive flowers as a gift pay attention to the type of flower(s) in the bouquet and the color(s) to understand the fullest meaning.

 A rose is the symbol of spiritual love, beauty, Christ love. One that is also fragrant in the dream is a good indication that an angel or spiritual being is close to you.

 White Rose(s): Pure, unconditional love, holy or cosmic love

 Pink Rose(s): Love, affection, kindness and compassion

 Red Rose(s): Romantic love, personal love, being in love, passion and desire

 Tulips: Can be a play on ‘two lips’ kissing! They represent joy and spring, hope, faith and charity.

Candy: How sweet it tastes! If you are eating candy in your dream and it tastes good can mean the situation is sweet and can also mean that you will be receiving a refund of money that you have already paid.. hello Tax Refund anyone??

Chocolate: Eating chocolate means you will prosper after you have overcome some small challenges

Colorful and Bright Dreams: One of the ways our dreams tell us about our emotions is through color. Dreaming in color or of a particular color that stands out on an object, clothing, background etc. represents emotions attached to the color. Love and romance are represented by the colors: pink, red, wine, blue and violet.

Doves Love, happiness and joy will reign supreme in your relationship

Kissing:  To dream about kissing someone or being kissed can obviously be romantic and is a show of love and affection. However, if the kiss is in a non-romantic way or the overall feeling of the dream is negative then this could indicate deception. As in the Judas kiss.

Love: Dreaming that your love is not reciprocated indicates you feeling not so hot about a situation or conflict that causes indecision and not knowing what to do or which way to go. If this relates to business then go with your intuition and gut feeling for the best decision; if it relates to a relationship/marriage be thoughtful in your decisions not impulsive.  To dream that you love an animal symbolizes that you are very happy with waht you possess and are easily satisfied. 

Okay, I am purposely not adding S-E-X to this list because it deserves it’s very own blog post. In dreams sex can mean many different things and so I will post very soon on this topic for dreams! As for Valentines Day I hope you get what you want in all areas of love ;o)

To wrap it up, there are many more symbols of love and each of us has our own special symbols of love in addition to common ones we share. As I always remind you,  when interpreting your dreams it is important to ask yourself first  for what YOUR personal meaning is for any symbol before looking to any dictionary or someone else’s meaning.

 Sweet and Romantic Dreams!

Cheri Lee

What were you wearing in your dreams last night? 

Did you know that clothing and what we wear during our nighttime journeys is an
important key to understanding the whole message of the dream? 

The clothes we wear or don’t wear in our dreams represents our ideas of how we look to others, our outward appearance like our attitudes, emotions true or “put on”, and ideas.  The outfits can represent your style, fashion and your self-esteem.

For me, I often remember what I am wearing in my dreams, the colors, fabric, and fit, designer and maybe that is because I love fashion and clothing. After all I
have been in the fashion business for many years now, as my other career!  But I find it very helpful to understanding my dream message by starting with what I am wearing in the dream. Was I wearing something I normally wear? Was it colorful? Were my clothes dirty or clean? Were they beautiful and expensive? Or was I wearing something inappropriate or out of place, like pajamas at work?

Here are a few dream interpretations of fashion and what we wear or don’t wear in our nightime journeys:

Beautiful, Expensive, Designer Clothing: a beautiful attitude, love, luxury, kindness, graciousness. Also indicates your level of self-worth and pay attention to the designer or brand you are wearing because those brands carry their own energy and attitude. For example: If I am wearing a beautiful Chanel gown I know what the brand Chanel means to me so that is added personal dream interpretation.

Weird or Strange clothes: Like a clown suit at a business meeting. This would indicate that you feel ridiculous in this situation or you have a funny attitude about the situation.

Favorite Clothing: This is your familiar comfortable ideas and beliefs, known and suitable.

Clothes that don’t fit: An attitude that doesn’t fit with your overall life and beliefs presently. Or something that is not suitable for you.

          Too Big: Could indicate you need to “grow into” this attitude, lifestyle, if you happen to like the outfit. If you don’t like the outfit then the idea is not for you. Let it go.

          Too Small: This could mean that you have outgrown this attitude or lifestyle, or ideas. That you need to find “your size” that fits you just right.

I would love to hear what you are wearing in your dreams. Share with me your thoughts on your dream outfits.

I will go further on this subject in my next post.

Until then, I wish you many blessings and
chic Dreams.

Cheri Lee


Ahh, the day after Valentine’s Day? Anyone have a love hangover? LOL 

Lots of emotions run high, lots of love, lots of pressure for many to get the right gift, give the right gift, prepare or have the most romantic dinner at home or restaurant, you all know the drill.  Former Valentines Day I have  received beautiful gifts, expensive gifts, flowers of all types, romantic dinners the whole thing from some pretty wonderful men. But not this year. Yesterday, my furry Valentine, Pierre woke me up with a big paw in my face telling me it was time to get up and let  him out.


Hmmm, very romantic indeed.  I am not currently dating anyone but that did not diminish the day of love for me. In fact, I try to make every day a day of love even it isn’t romantic love.  Sometimes it is not easy. I am not saying or trying to convey to you that ” oh my life is nothing but  koala bears and lollipops” everyday because I am soooo metaphysically and spiritually evolved! ha ha.  Nor, did I dream some psychic dream telling me when and where I am going to meet my forever man. Scratch that, man of the hour, day or month either of those three would be a good start for me! 

 What do I do everyday to make my day a love filled day? Well, I do wake up to that fuzzy cute face every morning and that makes me smile right away.  Then I really try and keep in that positive energy flow by  focusing my thoughts throughout the day on all things, people and places in my life, even the smallest things that make my life sweet and lovely.  For example, I really don’t like my hour commute each way to and from work. Instead of focusing and bitching about that drive and its negative aspects I shift my thoughts and choose to think good things about it. Such as: I get to drive to work in an SUV that I LOVE! I love how luxurious and comfortable it is inside and to ride in and that it is beautiful outside with a powerful engine to move fast when needed or wanted!  I also love that my long drive takes me through beautiful neighborhoods lined with trees, flowers, fountains in front of big beautiful homes and nice roads. And I love that the time it takes me to drive to work, lets me listen to my favorite music and or motivational cd’s that maybe otherwise I would not have the time.  And before I know it I am at work, in a good mood.  

No, I did not get flowers or perfume, or a romantic dinner or a mushy card yesterday from a significant handsome romantic man. But, I did get a card from my mom, (thanks mom) and  I got to give my grandma a Valentine card in the morning before leaving for work, I got to wish many people at work a happy Valentines day while helping a few look fabulous for their special dates last night. And what was really cool about my Valentine’s Day yesterday was that it was really close to what my day is like everyday.  I love and am grateful for the choice that I make to make my every day Valentines’ Day for me – no matter what.

Here is a bouquet of flowers for you in your dreams and their common meanings:

Dream Meanings of Flowers:     

Carnations: Bachelorhood, joy, vitality.

Daisy: Youthrful, innocence, fresh, new, bright and sunny – cheerful

Iris: Power

Lily: Grace, Faith, holy, spiritual healing powers of the dreamer, your crown chakra

Orchid: Gentleness, delicacy, love and romance, sensuality and beauty

Peonies: Well developed thoughts

Rose: Symbol of Christ Love, beauty, true love, spiritual love

Pink Rose: Love, affection, kindness

Red Rose: Personal love, desire, being in love

White Rose: Pure, Unconditional love

Tulips: Two Lips (smooch!) joy of living, faith and hope

May You Make Every Day Valentine’s Day!







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