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Money makes the world go around, the world go around that clinking clanking sound, money, money, money.. I love that song from the old movie Cabaret with Liza Minelli..  Anyway, I love dreaming of money and of course receiving money!  Below is continuation of  my top 25 Dream Symbol meanings one by one more indepth and money dreams are it today.

Money symbolizes exchange value and worth or riches and wealth. Money can mean rewards (material) for your work (mind or body) an exchange of energies or possibly mean a karmic gain/debt. Things of value would be a new talent you weren’t aware you had, a new quality or gift within you.It could also represent a new vision or new understanding of something. Look at how you are receiving money/valuables to interpret how you feel about yourself.

Change: Did you dream of receiving or finding change this could be a pun on the word change and indicate small changes coming to you or that you are going through now. Or could mean small change not enough to count = not worth the effort.

Coins: Generally mean blessings or opportunities we don’t count or recogonize

Old Coins (rare): could mean an old debt being repaid to you or abundance coming to you beyond your expectations.

Silver Coins: Silver is always represents spiritual gifts and silver coins equal spiritual wealth

Gold Coins: Material/physical wealth indicated

Found Money: Suddenly  found or discovered  or realized talents, opportunities or blessings!

Bills: Big ones (50,100,) means prosperity. Small ones means poverty, inadequate amount. Paper money can alos refer to opportunities.

Remember,  when interpreting your dreams take into account the entire dream around the symbol that stands out. The feeling experienced in the dream and upon waking. Look at the background, people, what are your actions. In order to discover the entire message of the dream it takes looking at all aspects.

Have a blessed and prosperous day!


In effort to help you on interpreting your dreams I am writing more in depth on each of the 25 common dream symbols I have listed previously.

Many times, I am asked by clients or people attending one of my classes and by email  what a symbol means and of course I have to answer it with a question “What does it mean to you?” Once they describe their personal meaning we go from there. However, some people want or need a little guidance on some things meanings or for quick reference. Just for the record, again, I am not a fan of dream dictionaries and definitely not a supporter of online dream dictionaries simply because they are computer generated answers. And books more often than not are filled with old superstitions and non sense. That being said, there are some dream dictionaries that are useful guidance tools. Certainly I would recommend a dream dictionary by C.Jung if that is more your beliefs or perhaps S. Freud if his teachings are more along your thinking. I am personally a Carl Jung and Egar Cayce person. I am also a person who believes in God and that dreams are our connection and communication through which God/Goddess The Universe communicates to us.  That beliefe helps me with meaning of things too. When you are needing help on interpreting a dream message remember that it helps for you to ask your self first what it means to you by the first 3 words that come to mind about the object, person, animal etc then apply those words to a problem you may have had in the past day or two and see if that helps you. Okay, with that out of the way I am going to start randomly with one of the 25 common dream symbols with detailed meanings of hair. Keep in mind, if you are a hairdresser dreams of hair could have another dimension and meaning in your dreams.

Dreaming of Hair: In general hair represents outward conscious thoughts and feelings/sensitivity and outward manifestations.

Messy Hair: mixed up thoughts, confused, can’t think straight.

Knotted or Tangled hair: confused thoughts, uncertain, this is definitely pointing to a message to take some time to correct a situtation that is really confusing and correct it.

Knot in your Hair: could indicate a play on words Knot or “Not” and this would imply what your are not thinking of or not enough, or not able, not allowed, not acceptable eveything in its place and no loose ends.

Uncombed Hair: a need to starighten your thinking

Matted Hair: long standing mental problems, unbalanced thoughts and very confused thinking

Washing your Hair: a need to cleanse your thoughts and attitude, get rid of negativity or wash away others influence over you.

Gray Hair: indicates worrying and fear and negative thinking (which make one old and gray)

Cutting your Hair: discipline, reshaping, curtailing, trimming all ideas and thought processes or ideas

Add your own meanings with these to your personal dream dictionary. And remember if you need help interpreting or working with your dreams to click on the dream interpretation button at the top right of the page.

Sweet Dreams.



lantern girlThe end is near! At the strike of twelve midnight on the clock and the ball drops in Times Square 2009 will be gone for good.

For me 2009 was not the best of years for me nor was it the worst. I was layed off from my job, my money became very tight, a very dear friend passed away. And it seemed that no matter which way I turned I kept running into brick walls of some sort or another. But, I also like to acknowledge the good – renewed friendships, summer vacation, Christmas vacation, my family and friends are all here and healthy, I still own my house and miracle of miracles it still has some equity in it. I still have a 401k that wasn’t completely obliterated! And so much more. 2010 is the year I feel that many of my personal struggles are behind me and to ensure a good year I will partake in some old traditions and some new to say good-bye 2009 and hello 2010.

In the past, I have been let down more than be excited by the romance and promise of New Years Day. It seemed no matter how I have spent the last day of the year whether partying, romancing, or a quiet night at home and yes there have been more than I can count that have been alone that New Years Day was such a let down. When I awoke on the New Year morning, the goals and dreams I made the night before didn’t magically appear on January 1. Not like Christmas where you wake up and “Santa” had been there and there were pretty packages containing wonderful gifts. No New Years Day fairy godmother waiting to grant me my wishes. It was the same old me that went to bed the night and year before. It was just a let down. I woke to still the same extra 10lbs I wanted to lose, sometimes woke with a raging hangover (depending on what new years eve it was) the same bills, alone no prince charming making me breakfast or worse the same guy I thought would turn into prince charming and no magical millions of dollars appeared in my bank account. sigh. I know very, very childish. Especially for me who believes in the mindset of life is how you see it and it’s up to you, happiness is a choice. Sometimes that mindset causes me much anxiety because as much as I believe it, I fear it. Because I think that I am choosing to be happy etc. but it is darn difficult when life keeps throwing boulders on your nice bed of roses.

Years ago, while I was grieving the loss of my boyfriend for the 3rd year of his passing, another good friend of mine invited me to go out with our group of friends to a big New Years Eve party at a club. At first, I did protest with all my might, I mean who was I to go and be happy and have fun and GASP maybe meet someone new and kiss someone and toast champagne after I had lost the love of my life 3 years before? I was deeply entrenched in my grieving and not dealing well with it at all with it. That’s another story. But my good friend, Lety insisted. She told me, that back in her country (Mexico) her family and friends believe that whatever you are doing at midnight on New Years Eve is the preclude to what your coming year will be like. I thought about this seemingly silly tradition of hers and then thought of my past New Years Eve sitting alone, doing nothing with no one and yes, the following new years had been pretty much the same. This tradition of my friends is what convinced me to go out. I wanted to find out if this was true and would being with a group of my crazy friends, drinking champagne at a party and kissing some, any cute guy in proximity of me at the strike of 12 would make my coming new year better. That New Years Eve was really fun. We laughed, danced, drank champagne, celebrated a birthday too that night. And at midnight, out of the blue and very cute and much younger than me guy grabbed me and gave me a great big kiss. Nice. It was a fun night and much better than sitting at home alone, being blue. I am not sure if that night really affected my new year but I am glad I went out. Because there hasn’t since been another New Years Eve like that one. Just for the record, I don’t knock staying at home on New years eve. For several years now, I have chosen to stay home on New years eve with friends or family and sometimes alone.

But no more sad, pitiful ones. Now, I am excited again about a fresh new year coming and all the good things that can happen. I know that nothing is going to magically change overnight but I do make goals. Some are realistic, some are dreamy and some are an effort to make my life more enjoyable and me a better person. And still deep down inside, I leave a room for the magic to surprise me…somewhere within the new year.

New and Old New Years Eve and Day Traditions:

1.) Black eyed peas – represent prosperity, money

2.) Cornbread – represents gold

3.) cabbage, or greens of some kind – represent cash

4.) 12 grapes at midnight one for each of the months of the year – said to bring good luck

5.) Burn last years calendar (if you have a fireplace) and say “ burn, burn calendar burn, last years worries never return”.

6.) Just before midnight open all the doors and windows for a few minutes to let out the past years negative vibrations

7.) Light and burn a Bayberry candle and let it burn til the end so you might want to get a short candle or taper. Say this poem: A Bayberry candle when burned to the socket bring luck to my home and money in my pocket.

8.) Take a two sheets of paper and on one sheet write at the top Let Go Of: and then list any habits, worries and or problems that you are ready to let go of. On the other sheet of paper at the top of the page write, Bring To Me: then list your desire(s) wishes and hopes. When you are finished take them to the fireplace and burn them. One by one. Burn the page titled Let Go first because you have to let go of the old to make room for the new. When you do this visualize the problems and worries burning, burning and never returning. Then burn the Bring To Me page and visualize the smoke carrying your hopes and wishes out to the universe and God and coming back to you made manifest.

9.) Make sure you clean your house the day before… no cleaning or sweeping on New years day. They say that sweeps out the good luck.

10.) New Years Day make sure your cupboards are full and your pockets to ensure prosperity and good eating all year.

Many Blessings for you all in 2010!


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