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Mercury in retrograde from February 23 thru March 17.  During this time we can experience energy slowing down, miscommunication, electronics acting kooky and delays in travel among other things.

Mercury (Roman) or Hermes (Greek) messenger of the Gods. He has a winged hat and winged shoes which indicate or symbolize quick travel. He influences: Intelligence, Education and Truth.  Travel, literature, poetry, merchants and thieves. And he can be quite a trickster and bad boy at the drop of a hat.

Did you know too that in 1782 he was the U.S. Postal Service’s first symbol and of course today we see him as a symbol for flower delivery?

Astrologically Mercury in retrograde indicates it is time to reflect, redo, revaluate. He can affect each of us differently too based on our astrological signs.

The good things about Mercury in retrograde and this is where our focus should be in order to get through smoothly during this time:

Old friends you haven’t seen in a long time resurface as you either run into them or they call you out of the blue. Interestingly, many of those who are adopted and searching for their birth parents find them during Mercury in retrograde – same for those who searching for lost siblings. Lost mail reappears and salespeople can benefit by going back over their previous sales and reconnecting with those clients for new sales rather than forging new clients. Also, those who are in therapy often have big breakthroughs during Mercury retrograde.

On that note, here are some ideas to help be calm and in the flow of life during Mercury Retrograde:

1.) Be open and flexible to life and be detached from things. Mercury is an intellectual planet and not emotional so if your friend or sweetie flies off the handle and says something mean take a moment and breathe. Don’t react too harshly – at first. Simply reevaluate what is going on and where this is coming from

2.) Slow down and make time for you and yourSelf – be creative, relax; write, journal, draw, garden, dance!

3.) Allow, Allow, Allow do not resist anything.

4.) Meditate, sit quietly alone in the silence and breathe.

5.) This is a good time to brainstorm, visualize, plan – or go over past plans and dreams and see where you can readjust to make them happen.

6.) Be Attentive while traveling, walking, driving to your surroundings and safety

7.) BE VERY CLEAR to those around you to be sure there is clear understanding between you and others when communicating. This goes for conversations, orders, emails, phone calls etc.  Be sure others understand what you are saying and you understand what they are saying.

8.) Finish up projects you have had to put on the back burner so to speak

9.) Reflect on your life and where you are and listen to your heart and soul not your mind for direction or new direction

10.) This is a fun time to get of your mind and delve into non-rational experiences such as; going to a psychic fair, get a reading from a medium or psychic.

And lastly, I use this affirmation to keep me safe and all good at all times:  I intend that I am guided, guarded, protected and in line with my highest good at all times. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Many Blessings,

Cheri Lee





Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending some love out to all of you today!  Below are some common themes and symbols of love in our dreams!

Love itself is a feeling of great fondness, strong affection, something or someone cherished. Love has so many degrees of feelings, from generic, impersonal to passionate, deep desire and intimacy. There is platonic love, familial love, romantic love, religious love, on up to deep passionate desirable heart, soul and body on fire love! And just being in love with life and not a particular person, place or thing but all encompassing love can bring more love to you and that is always a good thing! As the song goes “Love Makes The World Go Round!”


Here are a few LOVE dream symbols and themes their possible meanings:



Flowers: In our dreams flowers symbolize beauty, kind thoughts, loving thoughts, joy, compassion, grace, healing and abundance. They can also be “time tellers” as certain flowers are associated with particular times of the year.

 To be given or receive a floral bouquet in your dream symbolizes love, affection, appreciation and admiration. In a dream, when you receive flowers as a gift pay attention to the type of flower(s) in the bouquet and the color(s) to understand the fullest meaning.

 A rose is the symbol of spiritual love, beauty, Christ love. One that is also fragrant in the dream is a good indication that an angel or spiritual being is close to you.

 White Rose(s): Pure, unconditional love, holy or cosmic love

 Pink Rose(s): Love, affection, kindness and compassion

 Red Rose(s): Romantic love, personal love, being in love, passion and desire

 Tulips: Can be a play on ‘two lips’ kissing! They represent joy and spring, hope, faith and charity.

Candy: How sweet it tastes! If you are eating candy in your dream and it tastes good can mean the situation is sweet and can also mean that you will be receiving a refund of money that you have already paid.. hello Tax Refund anyone??

Chocolate: Eating chocolate means you will prosper after you have overcome some small challenges

Colorful and Bright Dreams: One of the ways our dreams tell us about our emotions is through color. Dreaming in color or of a particular color that stands out on an object, clothing, background etc. represents emotions attached to the color. Love and romance are represented by the colors: pink, red, wine, blue and violet.

Doves Love, happiness and joy will reign supreme in your relationship

Kissing:  To dream about kissing someone or being kissed can obviously be romantic and is a show of love and affection. However, if the kiss is in a non-romantic way or the overall feeling of the dream is negative then this could indicate deception. As in the Judas kiss.

Love: Dreaming that your love is not reciprocated indicates you feeling not so hot about a situation or conflict that causes indecision and not knowing what to do or which way to go. If this relates to business then go with your intuition and gut feeling for the best decision; if it relates to a relationship/marriage be thoughtful in your decisions not impulsive.  To dream that you love an animal symbolizes that you are very happy with waht you possess and are easily satisfied. 

Okay, I am purposely not adding S-E-X to this list because it deserves it’s very own blog post. In dreams sex can mean many different things and so I will post very soon on this topic for dreams! As for Valentines Day I hope you get what you want in all areas of love ;o)

To wrap it up, there are many more symbols of love and each of us has our own special symbols of love in addition to common ones we share. As I always remind you,  when interpreting your dreams it is important to ask yourself first  for what YOUR personal meaning is for any symbol before looking to any dictionary or someone else’s meaning.

 Sweet and Romantic Dreams!

Cheri Lee

It is Christmas Eve and for many of us the pressure of the holiday has been pushed to the limit with a few hours left today to “shop” for the perfect gift, pick up last minute groceries, or someone at the airport.  It is funny, I think that one of the most amazing times of the year can bring out the best and worst in us.  Today,  I invite you to take 5 minutes from your crazy schedule and breathe. Breathe in the moment and let out all your anxiety. Know that all is well. Accept what is right now and not what you wished it to be or not be. By participating in this moment, right now you can move forward with deeper meaning. Worry and stress never made things better or your wishes appear faster. Your wishes never get here when stuck in worrying.

I came across an ad from a department store posted in a newspaper years ago and here I share it with you with a few of my own added. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and many blessings to all. May we acknowledge all our blessings that are here now already in our lives big and small.

Last Minute Gifts – That Money Can’t Buy.

Keep a promise, Keep a secret

Share a dream, Share your time

Send her favorite flower or write him a letter of your love

Let someone have the last word

Give a smile, Return a smile

Laugh at his favorite story — again

Let someone in line, go in front of you

Listen to a child

Listen to an adult

Love your pet,  Rescue animal from abuse and neglect

Remember those who have no one and be there for someone if only for a moment to say hello

Say something nice to someone you like

Say something nice to someone you don’t

No matter how or what you say or do sharing your love

is the finest thing we can do, always.

Merry Christmas. Sweet Dreams and Many Blessings.

Cheri Lee

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