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Dream Dictionary: Meaning of a baby in your dreams:

A more in depth look at the meaning of baby and baby actions expanded from my Top 25 Common Dream Symbols.

Babies in dream can have several different meanings but usually a baby represents: a new idea, new concept or new project that you have given birth to; A responsibility you have now accepted, a personal project or thing to do. It’s your ‘baby’. For example your baby could be a creative idea you have and plan to show the world such as draw, paint, put into music, or starting a business, new job or new project.  Something that is yours alone, that you have birthed. Be a proud parent and display your baby to the world!

A baby: Can represent aspects of you being or acting like a baby, immature, innocent, a new personality trait coming out or starting to be visible in you.

Feeding a baby: You are feeding and nourishing your project. Watching it grow and mature seeing progression. Could also be you encouraging or nourishing the child part of yourself which if it is a brat is not good!

Dead Baby: To dream of a dead baby or dying baby is not a pleasant dream but keep in mind this is not a real baby it is a representation of an important project, job, idea or creative endeavor that you have let die or dropped accidentally. This dream could be pointing out to you that whatever this baby represented it would be wise for you to take care and not let your ideas die or sacrifice your ideas or projects for the sake of someone or something else.  This is something many of us do to ourselves often (think of others before ourselves) could point out that you have allowed another person or situation to take away your hopes and ideas to the point of you letting it, the ‘baby’ die.

Bathing a Baby: Points to you making a fresh start, cleaning up messes and correcting mistakes you have made. Wash away the negative (dirty) stuff and starting new.

Dropping a Baby: Can be pointing out to you that you have dropped a valuable project or idea or hope. Take heed to this dream and consider what the baby represents. You may want to reconsider the action you are about to take in “dropping” it.

Killing a baby: This dream is asking you to look at what you are doing in waking life and is it really worth sacrificing your ‘baby’?  Is it worth the cost?

Losing a baby: Losing your important and precious ideas, or losing hope in relation to something valuable to you

A lot of babies: Could be pointing out too many responsibilities, options, goals, or even problems or opinions for you to deal with.

Twin Babies: Can represent two equally valuable projects or ideas or goals.

I hope that these meanings can help you in your dream interpretations. As always, I remind you to ask yourself first what a symbol means to you the dreamer before consulting a dream dictionary. A good thing about dream dictionaries is that they can lead you or prompt you to meaning if you are stuck on something. Sometimes by even not agreeing with a meaning you can define what it does mean to you!

Sweet Dreams.


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35 Responses to Dream Dictionary Meaning of a Baby

  • Michele says:

    So what does it mean when you dream about trying to save your kids from falling or from harm and you can’t? I have these types of dreams often.

  • admin says:

    Hi Michele: Thank you for your question and here is my answer for you:
    This dream is mostly symbolic in nature pointing out to you your fear of not being able to protect something precious to you (job, project, idea, creative expression, even your inner child) or fear of not being in control or being overwhelmed and basic vulnerability.
    Ask yourself when you have the dream what are you afraid of that you feel you cannot control an outcome to a situation or are feeling vulnerable? Many times we are in a bind about bills, work, and generally overwhelmed with daily life at that time when the dream aries.
    Because you dream of your children the dream could have a duel meaning symbolic and perhaps your subconsicous thoughts of you feeling fearful of loss of control and not able to always be there for your kids as they are growing up…you won’t always be able to catch them when they “fall” make mistakes, get their heartbroken, etc… These are all things we have to experience for ourselves to learn as we travel on our life journey. But being a parent whether it is a parent to a real child or a symbolic child the dream is ultimately pointing out fear and worry of not being in control.
    The next time you have this dream, try closing your eyes and go back into the dream only this time see the dream outcome as you would like…saving your kids, protecting them. This changes your thoughts on subconscious level and increases self confidence in having control over your life. Therefore in your waking life you feel confident in creating outcomes you desire too.
    Many Blessings,

  • Reynan says:


    please help me in interpreting my dream… i really need if any can interpret my dream…i am really disturb.. this is my dream. “I was in the beach (in my hometown) watching the waves. Suddenly the waves became bigger like tsunami and i saw two women and one baby boy on the seashore. I was standing on the elevated sand on the shore while the women and the baby were below. So i tried to save them, but waves whacked us and we were able to hold on. However, the two women were gone and only the baby and me were left. The boy was around 5 – 6 months old. Lastly, i lift the boy because we were drowning. But the boy was saved and i was left alone and no one wanted to help me, instead (there were people then) they were laughing and yelling, “you can do it!!!”

    then i woke up.

    please i need interpretation…thank you very much..

  • Cheri says:

    It seems like this dream is conveying to you that you have been experiencing alot of overwhelming emotions about a situation that you have recently been through or still going through. Have you discovered something new or taken on a new project or job or event? The baby means a new beginning, new project, job etc as stated in my dream dictionary. Water is emotions, and tidal wave, tsunami would indicate overwhelming emotions, sadness, insecurity, fear and you are also feeling isolated and that you haven’t any support from yourself or others.

  • Nikki says:

    Three nights ago I had the same dream twice and it troubled me because it was a baby dying. In the dream it was me, mom, aunt and her grand daughter but in the dream grand daughter was 3-4 years old (but she is 15 now) and we are in a restaurant. Everyone was in a booth and I came from down the hall to find the baby crying and her grandmother and even my mom didn’t try to calm her down but when the baby saw me she reached out to me. I picked her up and noticed she had a burning temperature and she was grabbing at her chest. I put a small towel around her and carried her to the car on my way to the hospital. I looked down at her in my arms as I drove and she looked at me and died in my hands. I felt her spirit left her body but I still drove to the hospital. I got there and it was benches everywhere but I was invisible to others sitting outside. I noticed it was a spot for me to sit with two other guys were there and they minded their business still talking. I looked down at the baby and she was just laying there. An EMT responder came from behind me and asked,”What do we have here?” I showed her the baby and she took her out my arms and walked away. Hours later I saw the grandmother and I looked at her and she said,”I knew she had asthma” and she walked away and I woke up.

    I have no children or a relationship but really want to know what this dream represents to me. Any help is appreciated.

  • Mandy says:

    I had this dream not too long ago, it was actually a very creepy and disturbing dream. There was this little girl, about 9 or so walking around with this tall man. They tell me to go into this room where I am then trapped with a person who physically abuses me. Then the door opens and the girl reappears. She then runs up to me, grabs my stomach and whispers ”protect”. Then the person I was trapped in the room with comes up and stabs me in the stomach. What does this mean? If it means anything… It just really freaked me out!! Thanks

  • Cheri says:

    Have you recently been betrayed? this dream indicates your subconscious mind is telling you that you are involved in a situation where you are feeling trapped and were or about to be taken advantage of, hurt, and or betrayed. It could be a warning to you to “protect” yourself before it happens. Some questions to ask yourself that your dream indicates: 1.) Where am I feeling trapped currently 2.) where am I feeling abused or misused currently or in the most recent past? 3.) And what or whom is currently or recently making you feel as the dream emotions evoked – freaked out, disturbed and or creepy? The best answers will be the ones that come up instantly without too much thought. You will then understand the message from your dream.
    Many Blessings to you.

  • Cheri says:

    Hi Nicole:
    A baby in our dreams indicates new life, a project, our own business, a life long dream i.e. an idea that we hold near and dear for us and watch it being born, growing etc. From reading your dream description here I get the sense that you have recently had something of importance “die” or end. This is your dream and therefore the answers are in you as well, so ask yourself a few of these questions that will lead you to the meaning of your dream. 1.) What has recently ended in my life that I felt unable to control? What has taken my breath away from me (asthma means to not be able to breathe or breath taken away, and breath is life. Or What situation or where in my life do I feel that I just can’t breathe anymore that has sucked the life out of me? And as for the people in the dream, women a generation of women can indicate that this is a feminine in nature issue pointing towards nurturing, feminine wisdom, motherhood, etc.

    Many Blessings,

  • Liv says:


    I had a dream last night with two babies (newborn) , both were not mine but for some reason they were in my care. One of the babies was alive and well and not long after I found myself with the baby the birth mother (which was my step cousin) was there to get it. The other baby which I can remember being a beautiful baby boy who had a thick black mop of hair, was dressed in a yellow jumpsuit along with a yellow beanie to match was dying in my arms but then would flutter his eyelids like he was trying to stay with me but it was just to much energy. I remember trying to find help but I would also be cautious who I would ask for help from as I felt they were going to do the wrong thing by the baby. Ambulance, police, family and friends were in the dream. I can’t remember if the baby made it or not but I do know that I felt love as well as a sole responsibility to this infant. Just thinking and writing about it now gives me this horrible gut feeling, I’m lost to what it may represent … please help !!

  • Tori says:

    I need your help, iv had about 5dreams where im trying to save my son from diffrent things, being kidnaped and right before i get to him i wake up or a valcano in witch i leave my whole famliy and drive away, or he gets to close to a lake and i see it so im running to save him but i cant run fast enough im trying and trying but its like im in slowmo he gos in to the lake and i jump in after him but just as i get my hands on him to get him to air i wake up. I never know if i save him i wake up crying feeling like a horrble mother. What dose this mean?

  • Cheri says:

    When we have recurring dreams it is our subconscious mind really trying to get a message across. The longer you take to understand the dream message the more upsetting the dreams become and can turn into full on nightmares. Your son, your baby or child is representing a project, or your job or hobby something important to you that you gave birth to even an idea, or dream. This “baby” of yours means alot to you and you are experiencing frustation, anger and grief because you can’t seem to save this “baby” or “child”. Think about the age of your son and that can give you a clue to what this is…. project, dream, job, etc.
    One last thing: this is not about your mothering skills to your actual child. this is very symbolic of something in your life that you really want but just can’t seem to save or get to.

  • Samantha says:

    Last night I dreamt of my baby who died. I went to his grave picked him up and he came back to life but only for me, to everyone else he was still dead. We giggled and hugged and talked. It was lovely but I had to put him back in his grave, he was crying. He was still dead to everyone else so I couldn’t take him home with me.Any ideas of this dreams meaning?

  • julie says:

    I had a dream the I went up a water slide with my sister, cousins and my newborn in her car seat. At the top of the water slide there are 3 black birds, kind of like penguins but not penguins. We all went down together and we came back up and my friend who was holding onto the car seat it slipped out of his hands and flipped over several times and is now upside down in the water. When I got to my baby it had drowned and was dead. She has shrunk to the size of my plam. This is the second time I had a dream of baby dying I don’t know what it mean and I’m really concerned.

  • Emma says:

    I had a dream last night that I was holding someone’s baby, I had the baby in my arms as you would hold a baby but for some reason the baby kept falling and hitting it’s head the baby didn’t cry and seemed okay it happened about three times where the baby was in my arms and rather fell to the floor or lean forward and bang it’s head…

  • Cheri says:

    A baby usually represents a project or job that is new and is needing lots of love, care and attention to help it grow. Someone else’s baby that is not yours could be something that you are helping with but you are not really into it and keep dropping it but then picking it back up. Are you maybe helping someone do something that is their idea, their project, or new business that you take care of for a short time then drop then go back and pick up? This could also be a temporary job or project that just isn’t going anywhere and isn’t going to grow or develop with you.
    Many Blessings,

  • Akmal says:

    I had a dream tonight where, I was at some friends home. They had a baby, months of age maybe. We started to feed him with bread. At certain moment I see that the baby stopped breathing. He was choking. We started to try everything to save him. I even started breath to his mouth in order to push the peace of bread down. Nothing was helping. In our eyes the baby started to turn pale and almost dying. Few minutes later I told myself that I won’t let this baby die and opened his mouth and took out peace of bread from his throat. Finally the baby started to breath and gained his natural color. I saved that baby.
    Please help me to understand what my subconscious wanted to tell me?

  • Cheri says:

    Seems like you are trying to force an idea (maybe for a new business, relationship, etc) the baby would represent the “idea” and the bread not going down or choking on it symbolizes the idea not taking it well. It could also represent a new idea someone else was trying to get you to take in and at first receipt the baby chokes. But then you save the baby and the idea was accepted but not with out some coaxing!

  • destinie says:

    Im not sure if this is the right way to post a question i have but i am going to try. Last night i had a very real dream. I could see my husband and a women that wasnt me but i could feel all her emotions like i was in control of her we where out in the open at a park and their was a little boy on my husbands arms he was maybe 2 or 3 and my husband was holding him as this other women feed him a dead cat and was rrying to kill the child. I could feel this rage yet fear and scared all at once. I woke up screaming and crying someone please help me this dream has me so freaked out and worried that i cant sleep!

  • Melissa says:

    I recently lost a baby, a misscarriage… and last night I had a dream that I was nursing her. I do have 2 other children. I’m also stay at home mom… I was wondering if my dream was related to the miscarriage?
    Thank you,

  • Nishant Mishra says:

    Someone plz help me in interpreting my dreams. I am very disturbed since two days.
    I saw a dream walking in a silent road and I heard something and turned around, I saw a baby girl almost of 3 to 5 years old. I walked near her and she was too cute (I wanted a cute sister like her as I have no sister). I saw a women around and asked her about this girl parents, she told me that she is her maternal aunt.
    The very shocking thing happened in my dream was that when I picked up the girl to leave her infront of her door, her heartbeat was too fast. I am really in tension about that girl.

  • Cheri says:

    Your dream is showing you that you seemed to be experiencing a situation that
    is relative to a situation or feeling you have had before. Traveling on a lonely road
    that is causing you great anxiety(rapid heartbeat).
    The road represents your journey. The little girl represents a dream or idea (could be companionship since you mentioned you always wanted a little sister).
    The maternal aunt represents your maternal side and distant relative as in relative to the little girl who represents companionship. To pick up the little girl is to pay attention too or think about. The rapid heart beat is excitement or anxiety…
    Hope this helps you.

  • Cheri says:

    A baby represents a new beginning, an idea, a thing… think about how people call their car their baby or a project/work/art…. it is something that was created and needs nurturing and care to grow.
    So what project or idea to you keep seeing fall to the wayside and then you go and pick it but then don’t do anything to further its growth and care?
    Hope this helps.
    Many blessings,

  • Cheri says:

    Hi there,
    I am very sorry for your loss. And absolutely! your dream is related to the baby. Your baby is still a part of you in the sense of her spirit. Take care of her in your dreams and it will help you with your grieving process in letting her go back into the arms of God.

    Be gentle with yourself, be sure to make time to grieve even it has to be 30 min. here or there everyday when you are able to. If we don’t grieve or try to fill up that space with stuff to do then we will pay dearly later on with horrible grief that was pushed away. Plus, you want to be able to give your full self to your children that you have now with you presently. And remember, we never get over any loss we just grow through it and learn to live life with the scar of hurt. Think of it (the pain) like this: When you were younger did you ever fall down and cut yourself really bad? If so you probably think of it right now and say oh that hurt so very bad when it happened and look here is the scar. You remember the pain then but you got through it and grew but you have the scar and every time you look at or touch it doesn’t hurt anymore but is a reminder of the pain back then.

    Many blessings to you.

  • Cheri says:

    Wow that is a scary dream!
    I will try to help with what hopefully will help you decide what it means…
    It seems that you are in a situation that you are not being yourself…you are not feeling like yourself OR you are pretending to be something on the outside that you are not truly. (hence the woman that is not you physically but you could feel her emotions and etc). A park is a public space. Your husband can represent him or can represent your job or a partnership. A baby he is holding that is about 2 or 3 could represent something that happened 2 or 3 years ago or started 2 or 3 years ago. Feeding something is to make it grow or think of when the saying of “oh he is feeding me a line of bullcrap” ok so think of if you see someone feeding a dead cat to someone and what come mind? dead is something that is over and done no more and cat well cats are feline that can symbolize females, and intuition.
    So maybe something that was started 2 or 3 years ago should be done or dead but you feel that it isn’t?
    Remember your emotions of rage and upset when you are thinking about the meaning – emotions in dreams are very important to understanding the dream.
    I hope this helps you.
    Many blessings,

  • Arpita says:

    I dreamt that I am opening a closed door and I peeped in and saw a baby sleeping alone in the room. I entered the room and stood beside the bed looking at the baby. Then a lady, whom I seemed to be knowing in my dream, came and stood beside me. She seemed to be the mother of the baby. The baby remained asleep, it’s head covered with a white cloth on the bed.

  • Cheri says:

    Hello Arpita,
    A baby can mean a dream, project, relationship, pet… anything that you call “your baby”. You nurture it, watch it grow, love it. The woman is also part of your personality. The room is a place within you. What have you recently created that this baby could represent?

  • Kyaligonza says:

    My wife had a dream in which she saw.
    Our son 11 months old with our 12 years old daughter and a witch woman grab our son from our daughter and ran away very fast.
    Trying to call them to bring back our son fell on deaf ears and the witch assigned a young boy to chess my wife away to the bush.
    She prayed for them and told them “if you have decided to take that baby of mine then bring him up in a christian way”.
    My wife was also blocked from accessing the only route to the nearby police station because the witch had assigned a little boy to fail my wife.
    She woke up from the dream exhausted but had failed to save our son from the witch.
    Ease help me and post some possible meaning of the dream.
    Thank you.
    Kyaligonza Uganda

  • Cheri says:

    This dream could possibly have a few meanings: 1.) that she truly does believe that a witch could steal your son and she won’t have any control over how he is raised – a witch is certainly not a Christian. 2.) Fear of influence from the wrong people as he grows up and feeling out of control as a parent to not protect him.
    Either way, the dream is pointing to a fear she has as a mom that most mom’s have about their children. Loving parents want the best for their children and want them to safe and grow up as a loving person – not stolen away by negative, mean ideals or people.
    We as parents should pray continually for our children’s protection from evil and trust God to do what we cannot do.

  • Lyn says:

    Last night, I had a disturbing dream about giving birth to a baby. When I hold the baby in my arms the midwife told me that my baby is already dead. I couldn’t believe it and give it back to the midwife, then suddenly the baby comes back to life as it cries so hard. I hurriedly get and embrace my baby and breastfeed him/her (I don’t know the gender of my baby). The baby sucks the milk on my breast until he/she is full then he peacefully sleep while I carry him/her..

    What does my dream means? In reality, I am single and don’t have a baby yet. Please interpret my dream???

  • Cheri says:

    Hi Lyn,
    A baby represents: new creation, ideas, projects, or whatever you might call “your baby”. Think about the process of having a baby: first the baby is conceived, then the baby grows in the womb, next the baby is birthed once a baby is birthed it needs to be nurtured and fed in order for it to grow. Now imagine that process with a plan or idea of “something” you are creating. Here is an example: I have an idea to open a bakery – idea conceived. Next I must get all the things in place such as where it’s going to be, what kind of bakery will it be, how will it look when I have it, etc,. this is growing the idea, next I have gotten all that aforementioned together and in place and now it is opening day…(birth). Ta Da here is my bakery and I am so excited but then someone or could even be your self talking says (mid-wife) “no, no, sorry this is not good – its dead no use trying to do anything”. But, instead I say, “NO! I am going to put all I have into this bakery and so I feed it (bake my heart out and sell those goodies) and all is going great I didn’t believe that negative talk about it being a dead bakery. So now, if that scenario can help you see what in your life is similar you will know that your dream is telling you to not believe negative talk from yourself or others that would to deter you from making your “baby” thrive and be at peace.

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